Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pink Reason, Drunkdriver/Mattin, Twin Stumps, Circuit des Yeux, Homostupids @ Silent Barn

January 3, 2009 -
Pink Reason

Eric Lastname & Arturo

Mr. G Lucas Crane (woods / non-horse)

Circuit des Yeux

Hottie McFailure

Daniel (Home Blitz)

Vinnie (Rot Shit)

Erick (Golden Error)

Shaun Failure & Haley

Drunkdriver featuring Mattin

Bill Murray is in this shot

Berdan (Drunkdriver)

Vinnie & Mr. Acapulco Rodriguez

Lea listens while Vinnie talks about meeting Bill Murray

Termbros meet for the first time

Vinnie trying to get a free World's Lousy with porn cover that Harry is telling everyone else about

Vinnie tries to meet the guy sleeping on the couch

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