Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blank Dogs, Naked on the Vague, The Pink Noise, Gary War, Led Er Est and Silk Flowers @ The Shank

Saturday, March 7, 2009 -

Arturo and Amelie

Led Er Est

Mike Sniper (circled)

Caleb (Sacred Bones) and Keegan (Academy All-Star)

Terry Adams

Gary War

Chris (DC Snipers)

Adam (SIDS, Death Domain)

Jen Choi ( and Pinga Fresh graffiti (Miami)

Veronica (Minimal Wave), Mark (Sightings), Mike (DC Snipers)

Caroline and Robert (Country Teasers)

Tracy, Lucy, Kate, Jesse

Matthew and Matt

Jordan (Coconuts)

Abby and Mike (Twin Stumps)

John Chavez (Ground Control Booking) & Todd (Todd P enterprises)

Greg (Liturgy)

Naked on the Vague

Jordan (Golden Error)

Blank Dogs

The Dave Martin Section:
Dave Martin and Caleb

Dave Martin and Erick Elrick (Golden Error)

Dave Martin and Kellie Morgan



Zach Jaegar

Lucy and Matthew (Naked on Vague) - likes to close his eyes

Rachel and Chris


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