Sunday, April 19, 2009

Totally Wired Fest - Human Eye, Electric Bunnies, FNU Ronnies, Drunkdriver, Pink Reason, Homostupids, Terrible Twos, Baby Bird, Kim Phuc in Pittsburgh

April 17, 2009 -

Craig (Terrible Twos) & Kevin (Pink Reason)

Pittsburgh's most eligible bachelors

BraDIY and Kevin

Baby Bird

Vinnie and the women of Pittsburgh

John (Rot Shit, Baby Bird)

Berdan (Drunkdriver), Victor (Electric Bunnies) & Vinnie (Rot Shit)


Kristy (Drunkdriver), Josh (Homostupids) & Berdan

Terrible Twos


Darius (Criminal IQ Records) and Russ Romance

Steve (Rot Shit) and Russ Romance

Dave Martin

Pink Reason

Electric Bunnies

Berdan, Richie (Terminal Boredom) & Kevin

Human Eye

Eli (Kim Phuc)

Victor, Kyle (FNU Ronnies), Pascal

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