Monday, June 29, 2009

Puffy Areolas, Unholy 2, Twin Stumps, Rot Shit @ Silent Barn

Saturday, June 27, 2009-

Theresa & Courtney

Tina & Rachel



Betty and friend

Drugula and Bride of Drugula


John, Berdan, Rachel

Rot Shit

Loy & Vinnie

Unholy 2

Rachel & Loy

Joe & Todd

Kate, Allen, Mike

Allen, Mike, Jeremy

Jeremy & Lutzko

Puffy Areolas

Kevin, Courtney, (James), Sarim
The Ladis & James E

Berdan & Rachel
Domokos & Berdan
Dan & Rachel
Kevin & Vinnie

Sarim & Steve

Bo and Emily

Lutzko & Todd
Lutzko, Bo, Adam
Loy & Harry

Mrs. and Mr. Davis
Twin Stumps

Loy, (unknown), Steve
Loy & Damon

Oscar & Courtney
The Ladies & Daniel
Courtney & Courtney

Berdan & Pascal

Jonathan and Rachel

Pascal, Kevin Failure, Vinnie
Todd P, Vinnie, Pascal

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